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MV Augusta


Marca MV Augusta Tipo di moto Street Anno 1967
Modello 600 4 cylinder telaio # 001 ! Condizione Restaurato Colore Nero
KM 26000  
Marca MV Augusta
Versione 600 4 cylinder telaio # 001 !
Tipo di moto Street
Condizione Restaurato
Anno 1967
KM 26000
Colore Nero


Here is for sale in south of France the very first MV Agusta 4 cylinder road bike ever built and sold, frame and engine # 001 ...
July 1967, fifty years ago, the very beginning of the MV4 legend on open roads. Perfectly preserved, never restored, original 1st paint and everything. Original unique pre-serie engine, the very first street legal one built, showing a very particular and UNIQUE very rough casting.
 MV #001 comes with the best original paperwork that you can hope for such an original historic piece: original 1967 fully stamped libretto with original MV invoice, stamps, all books from new etc ...
 MV # 001 still carry its original registration plate, its original toolkit with untouched tools inside, its original keys and MV leather key holder etc ...
Very historic piece from the most legendary motorcycles brand (37 World Champion crowns, brought by 270 GP victories, unique in the motor racing world ) so you can be sure that this motorcycle will join very soon the very closed club of those approaching or even exceeding the 1 M dollars, like many already did, even if from much less prestigious and reknown brands than MV Agusta is .
Many pics and infos on request, with many links showing important reports published around MV 001 on many magazines all around the world... The last one available today in the USA on Motorcycle Classics, 6 pages of texts and pics on the Jan/Feb 2018 issue .
MV # 001 comes also with a complete 20 pages book report by Ian Fallon the well known "MV Agusta Fours" author and MV worldwide reknown expert, talking of its genesis, unique pre-serie particularities, superb original preserved condition and much more .
Many links available to show several huge crazy prices reached by other cars, bikes or other nice toys also carrying the mythical and very sought after 001 stamping, like the very first AC Cobra sold last year for 14 M usd, or a simple Leica M camera, but the 1952 very first one, # 001 stamped too, sold for 1,4 M usd in 2012, for best examples ...
 Here is the very first MV4 street bike ever built for sale, the Number One of the 1200 others legendary MV Agusta 4 cylinder built from 1967 to 1980, the Holy Grail for the best collectors ...
I'm waiting for a serious offer, and serious talks only please, thanks !

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